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Q. What is
A. is a portal which is dedicated to introduce PG owners across the country and those who need PG accommodations urgently, to each other. We accept advertisements for PG from almost anywhere in India including major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, and many others.

Q. What is the need of
A. There are numerous online portals dedicated to real estates, but hardly any of them covers an important issue like PG accommodation. It is indeed surprising that the facility for which majority of Indian population searches has such a scanty internet presence. Therefore we decided to come up with which will bring PG owners and tenants face to face, so that PG owners will get a countrywide platform to advertise their PG and tenants will get a wide choice of PG accommodation.

Q. Why should I register with
A. When you register with as a PG owner, you get an opportunity for advertising your PG to people all over the country and get an overwhelming response which you hardly might have got by advertising locally. Therefore you get an excellent business opportunity.

Q. Can I get email or SMS notification for the responses
A. Yes. Whenever there is a response to your advertisement, an email alert is sent to you by You can also choose the option of SMS alert when you post your advertisement.

Q. Do you charge for registering with
A. Registration with is free. You will have to pay, however, Rs. 1000 if you want to upgrade to premium membership.

Q. Is there any early-bird prize
A. As a launching gift from we are offering a lucrative discount of 10% on registration for the first month.

Q. Why is so cheap
A. As has been created with a view to serve a large Indian population requiring PG as an owner and as a tenant, we have kept its charges nominal.

Q. How can you help me if a tenant has behavioral problems
A. If a tenant creates problems, you can contact us and we can convince him or her to behave properly. Please note that we will first analyze if there is really a problem, as we understand that there are innumerable types of human nature and it is impossible to find a perfect human on earth. Some may like the other’s some habits, while some may not. Therefore we will support the PG owner only if we think that the tenant is really problematic. In that case, we can also extend our support in legal actions, if necessary.

Q. What documents will I have to provide to you
A. You will need only one document which you will have to sign viz. an agreement or contract with the tenant.

Q. How can I make payment if I want to upgrade
A. You can make payment by credit cards or online transfer. We accept all major credit cards and online payment of all major banks. After logging in to, visit the Account Panel and click ‘Add Fund’ option. Follow the simple instructions that will appear.

Q. Why are you listing it free of cost
A. We don’t charge for registration and listing. We charge brokerage when you get a tenant through us.

Q. What is your profit
A. We charge a nominal brokerage just to sustain. We get revenue from ads.

Q. Will I get a positive response
A. Of course, yes! The need of PG accommodation is growing day by day and a lot of Indian population searches for the same for some or the other reason, may it be job or education. In such condition if they get a wide choice of PG accommodation they are bound to respond positively.

Q. Is address necessary
A. Yes. The reason for this is when you give address of your PG it is easy for people to consider it regarding their convenience and safety. If your PG is near their office or college, they will respond quickly to your ad. Similarly it is easy for them to judge the locality from the address given.

Q. Why should I ad with you if I have already done the same with some other website
A. There is not any compulsion, of course. After all, it is your choice. However, we would like to request you to do an evaluation of our and others’ sites and see who is better for yourself and then decide if to continue with them or prefer us.

Q. If I don't have an email id is it ok
A. For getting regular updates and response alerts from us, you better have an email id to provide to us. In case you don’t have an email id, we can create one for you.

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